“Loft Town” offers a cottage for a price of an apartment!

“Loft Town” offers a cottage for a price of an apartment!

You are well aware that you need more spacious housing, but are a little afraid of high prices of apartments? Or, maybe, you simply do not want to leave the city and move to somewhat less expensive own house further from Vilnius? The project “Loft Town” implemented by UAB “Penkių kontinentų” investicijos offers a solution – cottage-type housing near the city center for the price of an average apartment.
 “The “Loft Town” open door days which took place in April, on two weekends in a row, were a pleasant surprise in terms of the abundance of interested visitors”, said Lina Stasiukynienė, a representative of the project. “Most of the visitors took the most interest not only in the innovation of a loft-type housing, including smart home (“Smart House”) solutions installed there, but in prices as well”.
 Regarding the latter, “Loft Town” solutions are highly rational and attractive. For example, the cheapest two-storey cottage-type house with a separate entrance and a spacious outdoor terrace in the future loft town, undergoing construction in Vilnius, Kalvarijų str. 137, costs LTL 263 thousand. You will pay the maximum price of LTL 399 thousand for the two-storey loft with a separate garage.
 “Our average price of 1 square metre ranges from 3,200 to 4,200 litas, which certainly seems attractive compared to the prices of newly constructed apartments”, says L. Stasiukynienė. “The location of the “Loft Town” in Vilnius is also important: you can reach the city center within 10 minutes from here; “Siemens” Arena is located nearby and shopping centers “Ozas” and “Akropolis” are really not far away. The inner infrastructure of the loft town is distinguished for its exclusivity, because here, all possible “Smart House” solutions are implemented to put emphasis on ecology, comfort and security of future residents”.